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Use and category of lift

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Use and category of lift

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Production in the form of the lifting machine is various, from the structure to the post classification, there are mainly single column type lifting machine, double column type lifting machine, four-post type lifting machine, scissors lifting machine and gutter type lifting machine, etc. 

Single-column lifting machine Lifting machine is single column type will be parked in the car on the ground transportation, such as lifting to a certain height for maintenance of special equipment, is a kind of typical local lifting used in automobile and engineering vehicles, so that the wheel tires or to the vehicle chassis for a variety of maintenance work machines and tools. It has the effect of saving time and energy, it is completely placed on the ground when not in use, so that the car can reverse and place objects. 

A single - column vehicle lifting machine can be mobile and fixed type two types. Double column lifter lifting machine is a kind of special mechanical lifting equipment used by car repair and maintenance unit. It will remove the base plate to save material. Therefore, the foundation requirements are very high, and there are usually two types of double column lifting machines. Symmetric lifting machine of four arm length roughly equal, this makes the car center (or the center of mass) in a pillar in the middle of the position, for pickups and daily maintenance van and other types of cars for the symmetric lifting machine may be the best choice.

 However, for a symmetrical double column lift that is not large enough between columns, it is a big disadvantage to not open the door when the car is lifted. Columns that asymmetric type lifting machine backward rotation Angle of a (about 30 °), slightly shorter than the arm and forearm. When parking the car in the right position of the unsymmetrical lift, the position of the car moves backwards, so it is easy to get in and out of the door. 

Moreover, the column of this asymmetric lift can ensure that the vehicle's center of gravity is securely positioned between the columns. Four pillar type lifting machine Four-post type lifting machine is a kind of large tonnage car or truck repair and maintenance units commonly used special mechanical lifting equipment, four-post type auto lift machine is also suitable for four-wheel positioning, because generally four-post type automobile lifting machine has a four-wheel positioning gear, can adjust, can ensure that level. The four-column lifter is divided into upper oil cylinder and lower oil cylinder. The oil cylinder of the oil cylinder is placed at the top of the column (with the beam), and the cylinder of the lower oil cylinder is placed under the plate. The four-column lifter of oil cylinder is mainly relied on four chains to pull up the four corners, the pull oil cylinder is placed on the top, the structure is simple, but the weight increases.

 Most of the four-column lifter lifting machine is raised to manual or pneumatic, and the repairman needs to run to the bottom, which is inconvenient and unsafe for users who frequently use secondary lifting. An insurance device is a pneumatic device. If there is no gas source, it is more troublesome. The four-column lifter of the lower oil cylinder depends on the four corners of the four thick steel, and the tension cylinder is placed under the plate, and the force is conveyed by the six disks.This structure is relatively compact and reduces weight. Quadratic general for electric hydraulic lifting, and the main pump together, as long as the rotation transformation valve can, lifting speed, insurance device is wedge type, four wedge use of tie rod linkage, pull (rod) can open the insurance device, convenient and durable. The shear lifting machine is used in the shear lifting machine, and the power driven mechanical transmission structure is mainly used for the maintenance of large vehicles. The lifting speed of the shear lifter is moderate and does not occupy the pit position. 

For some models, it is the best choice for the maintenance of large work strength (e.g., bus). In addition, because of its simple structure and good synchronicity, it is often used in the platform of four-wheel locators. Shear lifting machine can be divided into big shears (subtype), small shear (single shear) lifting machine, ultra-thin series shear lifting machine and other types. The gutter type lifting machine is the ideal equipment for the maintenance of large passenger cars, which is more practical and affordable in the lower space. 

The gutter lift machine, which is installed on the two side rails above the gutter, generally adopts electric drive mode, worm and worm gear, so as to drive the screw and lift the girder. 

This design makes the gutter type lifting machine move more flexible, more lifting force, steady lifting, installation convenience operation, for buses, trucks for repair all kinds of enterprises are the most ideal lifting equipment maintenance.

The position of the front wheel corner plate (choose and purchase) of the driving wheel of the underground runway is adjustable, and it is suitable for the positioning measurement of various models. 

The driving type of lifting machine is classified into three categories: pneumatic, hydraulic and mechanical. In this paper, the hydraulic class and mechanical class lifting machine are introduced.

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